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Shareholder Information

Anchor Securities have significant shareholders that bring not only a wealth of knowledge to the table but a systematic process that speaks to past successes in each of their individual capacities.

Anchor Securities have chosen to partner with Anchor Capital which will prove to be invaluable over time as we work together in crunching the numbers and ultimately designing individual, bespoke portfolios that have a global presence.


Anchor Capital

Peter Armitage and his team have got a proven track record of success that speaks for itself. They are able to give clients access to a range of global investments that are distributed with conviction and detailed insight. There is a team of 11 analysts and a combined 22 number 1 annual FM analyst ratings. Anchor Capital is South Africa’s fastest growing asset manager and currently have in excess of R4 Billion in assets under management.


Lephatsi Financial Services is a corporate investment company, focused on owner/manager businesses characterized by strong market positions, excellent management, and a good line of sight to the future. These companies generally need external strategic assistance to reach their potential in terms of market development and corporate M&A activities. LFS takes strong minority strategic stakes in established companies. Investments, which are internally funded by the owners of LFS, are long term in nature. The culture of the companies is distinctive, highly individualized, and based on partnership and trust. LFS is owned 51% by Lephatsi Investments, a broad-based BEE entity headed by Herman Mashaba, and 49% by Global Equities, owned by Nic Frangos.


Anchor Securities Management
Rob Turner and his team have a 35% stake in the business. The philosophy behind our shareholding structure is to ensure that our team are committed in the long term to the business and to ensure total alignment between the interest of all stake holders, starting with clients. The business is structured in such a way that there are no conflicts of interest, regardless of which member of the team you speak to. It is in managements best interest to make sure clients are serviced correctly to their individual risk profile and expectations are managed transparently. More information about the Anchor Securities team can be found here.