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The Anchor Securities Team

The Anchor Securities Private Wealth team come with collective experience of over 75 years working in the markets. CEO Robert Turner is joined by 3 members of his existing team out of the Nedbank Private Wealth Stockbroking stable along with Henré who has a wealth of experience on exotic products and derivatives. Anchor Securities Private Wealth pride themselves with the expertise in being able to empower each and every individual with the very best in advice and service. The team does not only have a passion for markets but wealth management and creation, we pride ourselves in our ability to help clients create a better financial future for themselves and ultimately leave a legacy for generations to come. The team at Anchor Securities Private Wealth adopt a proactive approach to ensure seamless access to information on behalf of the clients being managed by Anchor Securities Private Wealth:


Rob Turner Rob Turner
Chief Executive Officer & Portfolio Manager
Tel: 011 591 0614

Rob has an IMM Marketing Diploma and is a Member of the Institute of Stockbrokers. He has 22 years of stockbroking experience. He started at Frankel Pollak Vinderine in 1992, moved to Martindale Stacey du Toit as a junior partner tasked with establishing the first discounted private client stockbroking offering. Whilst there, they set up MST Online, SA’s first online stockbroker. This online offering then developed into a stand-alone business called As co-founder of Tradek, they very quickly grew through multiple acquisitions and organic growth into a compelling business, leading to the listing of the company in 1999. Following a buy-out in 2002, he joined BoE Stockbrokers, tasked with setting up an international investment division. Once established he moved back into a more familiar role of stockbroking and in 2010 took over running the Johannesburg branch of Nedgroup Private Wealth Stockbrokers, formerly called BoE Stockbrokers. Rob comes with a wealth of experience in the management arena and knows what it takes to get a business off the ground running. Rob is a hands on individual and enjoys the interaction with clients.


Liza Killian
Liza Maartens

Chief Operating Officer
Tel: 011 591 0611

Liza joins Anchor Securities Private Wealth as the Chief Operating Officer.  She has an expansive CV that ultimately has lead her into the operations role of knowing what it takes to operate a business seamlessly and productively. Liza has been instrumental in the start-up of Anchor Securities and if there is anyone that has the know-how and operational ability, she does. Liza completed the Senior Management Program through the Business School of the University of Stellenbosch, she has completed her Registered Securities Trader qualifications through the JSE and has further advanced her knowledge in markets completing an Advanced Trading & Technical Analysis through the JSE Ltd and Progressive Systems College. Liza went on to do an ICMQ through the London Securities Institute and has the full range of product knowledge, completing the Registered Persons Exam in Equities and Derivatives through the SAIFM, including her Compliance Officer Exam through the SAIFM. She has 18 years’ experience in Stockbroking of which 8 years were as trader & portfolio manager and 10 years as compliance officer.


Bradley Taylor Bradley Taylor
Portfolio Manager
Tel: 011 591 0612

Bradley completed his Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Economics as well as his Honours in Investment Management at the University of Johannesburg, formally Rand Afrikaans University. He has done an Advanced Certificate in Leadership through UCT GSB and has further gone on to do the Registered Persons Exam in Equities through the SAIFM. He has also completed his FAIS Regulatory Exam for Representatives (RE1). Bradley has 8 years’ experience in stockbroking. He started off his career at FirstRand in 2005 where he was tasked with the aim of extending access to the JSE to the man on the street, encouraging involvement in the equities market as well as helping to create wealth in segments of the population that would usually be reluctant to invest in shares. Later in 2005 he moved to Thebe Securities where he worked as a junior stockbroker giving advice on listed companies producing research on the Top20 listed equities for private client use and in addition to this, he provided execution services to clients. In 2006 he was appointed as portfolio Manager by Nedgroup Private Wealth Stockbrokers, formally BoE Stockbrokers where he gave advice to high net worth clients and boutique asset managers on local and global financial products to create wealth for the long-term. He managed portfolios on a Full-Discretionary and Pro-actively advised basis. During this time he provided daily market commentary and well researched short-term & long-term trade ideas. Bradley joins Anchor Securities with a wealth of experience and a proven track record of wealth creation for clients. He is innovative and proactive with advice for clients. Managing clients’ money globally and domestically is where his forte lies.


Deryck Janse van Rensburg Deryck Janse van Rensburg
Portfolio Manager
Tel: 011 591 0613

Deryck left the University of Johannesburg, formally Rand Afrikaans University, with a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics, majoring in Investment Management. Knowing exactly what he wanted to do, he joined Nedgroup Private Wealth Stockbrokers, formally BoE Stockbrokers in 2007 where he learnt the key essentials of stockbroking from a young age. He also completed the Registered Persons Exam in Equities through the SAIFM and further enhanced his education in Technical Analysis courses and fundamental courses. He has completed his FAIS regulatory exams, being the representative exam as well as the Key individual exam. Deryck has had a close eye on markets from a young age and has a strong understanding of the underlying sentiment that pushes and pulls markets. He built up a robust and successful book over the years with a spectacular and consistent track record of performance. He has a strong media presence across the networks and radio stations, often commenting on the market movements, company results and overall themes that play out in the market. Opinions and views are key in the market place and this leads to concise and decisive action. He has been involved in the market for 11 years and professionally as a portfolio manager for 7 years.


Henre Herselman Henré Herselman
Derivatives Specialist
Tel: 011 591 0615

Henré has a Bachelor of commerce in Investment Management through the University of Pretoria, specialising in Accounting, Economics, Investment and Financial Management. Henré has completed his Registered Persons Exams in Equities and Derivatives through SAIFM and has completed training in Advanced Technical Analysis. Henré comes to Anchor Securities with a specialised role in exotic and derivative products. His personal track record speaks for itself and his meticulous attention to detail is what differentiates Henre in the market place. Understanding what pushes and pulls markets in the short term is essential for any investor or trader and that is where Henre’s expertise lies. The implementation of a money management process ensures that short term trades are successful over the long term and this is where short term gearing is used extremely effectively through proactive guidance that Henre is able to give. Henre has 7 years’ experience in stockbroking, specialising in Derivatives Trading and Technical Analysis. He often appears through media channels giving market commentary on what is causing market movements on a day to day basis.


Belinda Esterhuisen Belinda Esterhuizen
Portfolio Manager
Tel: 011 591 0616

Belinda has completed her JSE Equity Traders Exam and Registered Persons Exams in Equities through the SAIFM. Belinda has further completed training in Advanced Technical Analysis and has a strong understanding of the fundamental processes involved in finding value. She wrote her FAIS representative RE1 exam and is currently busy with her Bachelor of Commerce in investments and portfolio management through UNISA. Belinda comes to Anchor Securities with a more than acceptable CV of experience, spending 25 years’ in stockbroking. Belinda started her working career at Ed Hern where she was appointed as an arbitrage clerk and later a portfolio manager. In 1996 Ed Hern was taken over by BoE NatWest Securities which today is known as Nedgroup Private Wealth Stockbrokers, Belinda was instrumental and part of the growth at Nedgroup Private Wealth Stockbrokers and clients find huge confidence in Belinda’s ability to manage portfolios and ultimately be the helping hand in creating a better financial future for clients. Belinda prides herself in her ability to achieve on client expectations, service levels and sharp response time to movements and information flow differentiate her in the market place and being a client you can expect the very best in all aspects of delivery to you as the client.


Chris Cornell Chris Cornell
Portfolio Manager
Tel: 011 591 0636

Chris Cornell started life in the legal field and practised both at the bar and side bar before moving to the JSE in the late eighties. After stints at Mac Pollack and Freemantle and First National Trust , Chris joined the Board Of Executors in 1995. He was appointed a Director of BOE Securities in 1998 and later his role was expanded to include a role as Head of Asset Management in Gauteng in the private client space. His specialization is the management of high net worth clients and ,in particular, the management of Charities. After a life in an institutional environment , Chris is looking forward to creating truly bespoke solutions for families , individuals and Charities , both domestically and offshore.


Janine De Klerk Janine De Klerk
Office Administrator
Tel: 011 591 0618

Janine started at SMK Stockbrokers (later BoE Stockbrokers) in 1990 as a Bond Settlement Administrator. The re mandating of clients was a high priority task that had to be overseen and tasked to Janine, this ensured a strong knowledge and background for Janine in FICA and Compliance, where she introduced new systems and processes that are still in place today. Once the project was completed Janine took on the task of administering the money market component to the business which included managing the borrowers and lenders funds whilst having influential oversight over the mandate project. Janine branched further within the business and took on the responsibility of managing the offshore department, with meticulous attention to detail, until 2009. Janine then moved to PSG online’s offshore department to share her wealth of expertise and experience. Janine is an experienced individual that has a proactive approach with systems, processes and administration. Her out the box thinking ensures that processes are streamlined for Anchor Securities and ultimately for clients. Her 24 years of experience are invaluable to Anchor Securities Private Wealth and her value add will compound over time as we deliver on client expectations.