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Anchor Securities Private Wealth have access to world class research, we have chosen to partner with Anchor Capital in order to have a fundamentally based research house that is able to give our clients the very best in ideas and understand what companies are doing what. Peter Armitage and his team have a proven track record that will prove to be invaluable to you as an Anchor Securities Private Wealth client as we bring you updated research reports as and when things happen in the market. Offshore we have also chosen to partner with UBS in order to give clients the very best in research from a global perspective.

The changing world requires that global portfolios are created and managed and we have the expertise to do this for Anchor Securities Private Wealth clients.

We are fundamental investors, identifying compelling stock picks on the basis of the underlying company’s return, long-term earnings growth and cash flow prospects.

We are valuation-oriented, but are not deep-value investors. Happy to pay a meaningful premium for top-quality assets with a higher-than-average growth outlook, provided the premium can be justified. “Reasonable pricing” for growth outlook is perhaps the key term.

We are not blind to macro factors which influence company earnings and valuation, treating these as an “overlay” on how we construct portfolios, but we are not “top-down” investors – bottom-up stock-picking remains key.

We are “benchmark-cognisant” (you can’t ignore what you are benchmarked against!), but recognise that meaningful out-performance is typically achieved through owning a handful big outperformers disproportionately to index weights.

Anchor Securities Private Wealth implements this investment strategy by leveraging off and collaborating with the investment team at Anchor Capital. Anchor Capital is founded by Peter Armitage, who leads an experienced and global investment team. For further information on Anchor Capital please go to