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Hedging & Alternative Strategies

Experienced practitioners assess what alternative strategies are appropriate for you to reach your financial goals.

An entire global industry has built up on “alternatives” to vanilla equities, using intricate structures and derivatives. Anchor Securities Private Wealth aims to simplify your financial life, rather than complicate it. The role we play in this seemingly complex investment universe is to identify what products and services are appropriate to achieve your financial goals. We will filter through the financial forest and see what will work for you. We then work with you to implement and monitor.

Often the most appropriate long term investment strategy is a vanilla, high quality share portfolio. If that is right for you, there is no need for alternative strategies. However, there are many instances where using innovative financial technology makes sense. Some examples are:

  • Hedge portfolios and ultimately manage the risk for each individual client.
  • Contracts for difference (CFD’s) facilitates gearing.
  • Bear sale accounts and option structures enable Anchor Securities Private Wealth’s clients to hedge their risk exposure. Implementing “insurance” on a portfolio at any time. For example, hedging against adverse FX movements, to settle a future dated payment or to simply lock in returns after a particularly good month in the market, without having to sell underlying equity in the portfolio.

Other service offerings include early settlement of share options, BEE deal structuring, and cap and collar options. While these products are historically risk management tools, a client can use these products for leveraging purposes too. This again enables clients to have the ability to increase gearing, whilst at the same time reducing risk.

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