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Local & Offshore Securities Trading

Managed or execution services are offered by market experts, bringing you money making ideas.

One thing that most high net worth individuals have in common is a share portfolio. Equities have provided the best returns by far over time and Anchor Securities Private Wealth is there to guide you on the journey to wealth creation. Individuals can choose between three levels of service, depending on their appetite for involvement in the investment process:

  • Execution only. You make the stock picks and we execute.
  • Pro-active advice. You make the decision in consultation with an Anchor Securities Private Wealth advisor, who proactively provides money making ideas. An annual advice fee is charged for this business.
  • Discretionary mandate. You leave it up to us. Anchor Securities Private Wealth will manage the client’s assets in line with a bespoke mandate. Either a traditional management fee (between 1 and 1.5%), or customized performance fee (20% of out-performance against a benchmark) will be levied for this service. The latter is to reward superior performance, and to align the business interests with client’s interests.

Anchor Securities Private Wealth excels at the five things that matter in the world of financial market portfolios: 1) The best money-making ideas, 2) a world class technology platform, 3) proactive service, 4) tailored and measurable benchmarks and 5) access to global markets.

Money making ideas: Anchor Securities Private Wealth is supported by the 10-strong research team at Anchor Capital, which includes the best analysts in the country (collectively 22 number one ratings in the annual FM analyst survey). This team produces regular research and ideas, created specifically for the private client. The Anchor Capital rocket scientists crunch the numbers and the Securities team adds market savvy and timing to the mix to create money-making ideas. Globally Anchor Securities Private Wealth has partnered with the world’s best and has access to analysts and research from across the globe.

Technology: As a new business without a legacy, Anchor Securities Private Wealth chose the best technology solutions and partners available. Clients will experience a feature-rich, seamless technology offering to follow the markets and monitor portfolios.

Service: A business owner will always service you better than an employee. Every Anchor Securities advisor you speak to is a meaningful shareholder in the business (and an experienced expert!) and an obsession with service is what differentiates the business. Expect calls to be answered quickly, swift responses, considered views and proactive ideas.

Tailored and risk-profiled offering: Anchor Securities Private Wealth has a moral and regulatory responsibility to ensure you are invested in assets appropriate to your profile. This entails the level of equities and the type of equities. We offer a truly bespoke offering where we will work with you to establish an appropriate benchmark, which will enable you to measure us against your objectives.

Access to global markets: We have been trading global shares for years and encourage investors to have an offshore portfolio (remember when the Rand was 6 to the Dollar; not so long ago …). We have world class global partners and our mindset and service is global in nature.

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