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Online Services

Trade online, track portfolios and access world class research on our online platform.

Online services are an integral part of our offering, rather an offering in themselves. While we treasure relationships and believe real money is made out of being serviced by people, we also believe our clients should have access to the best technology available.

One of Anchor Securities Private Wealth founding principles is to listen to our clients and we have done this.  

Our online portal can offer you the following:

  • Live Price Information
  • Trade Access
  • Enhanced Portfolio View, including daily price movements
  • Market Depth – 5 Levels
  • Global Market Data
  • Research

We are excited to let you know that we are rolling out new and exciting functionality this weekend (29 October 2016).

Brief overview of the new functionality:

  • Compare Tool – The new compare feature in charts allows you to compare the performance of two or more securities indexed to a common base.
  • News and Divi Indicators – Charts now include indicators for historical news items and dividend announcements.
  • Portfolio Charts – You can now get a visual perspective on your portfolio holdings and see your exposure at a glance.
  • Portfolio PNL Calcs – An improved PNL calculation for short positions now uses the absolute value of the cost value.
  • Admin News Option – Administrators can now configure the news vendors that will be selected by default.

In the future we shall role out more enhanced features and more improvements.

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