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Tax Efficient Structures

We help you identify the most appropriate investment structure which suits your individual needs.

It makes sense to structure one’s investments most efficiently from a tax perspective. In today’s ever changing market place, we give clients appropriate advice in terms of setting up the correct vehicles to hold and ultimately enhance returns over the long term.

Anchor Securities Private Wealth clients have the ability to wrap their investment in efficient structures, namely, an endowment option or a structured note. The various options have different characteristics which are discussed with the client to assess appropriateness.
Anchor Securities Private Wealth clients can have their Annuity, Preservation and Pension funds managed within a Personal Share Portfolio (PSP).

These products provide clients with the ability to get involved in their retirement planning and take advantage of the reduced costs offered by Anchor Securities Private Wealth. We believe this gives clients a competitive advantage in taking control of their retirement and ensuring maximum wealth creation is achieved.

We aim to provide a better financial life for clients and tailor a solution for you.

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